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John Steel's Personal XRTT Rolling Chassis

The Best of the Best Parts 

  • Original Factory TT Frame

  • Very Rare 1970's Slicks

  • Prototype Rear Sprocket

  • Lots of NOS Parts

  • Special Factory Tachometer

  • & More


Includes everything except the motor


Please call to discuss further


XR750 Dirt Track Rolling Chassis 

Also Included are Harley-Davidson Accessories to the XR750

  • Oil Cooler

  • Oil Cooler Fittings

  • Anti-Vibration Mounts

  • Torque Arm

  • Brake Caliper

  • Brake Disc

  • Brake Adapter

  • Brake Disc Special Screws


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We have rolling chassis in various stages of production


All our chassis are available as: 

rollers, non-rollers, parts, etc.  

Chassis do not include the motor.

  We have rollers available for:

    XRTT Rolling Chassis - $29,950

    XR750 Rolling Chassis - $19,950

    XRTT Chassis Kits - Call for Price

    Customized XRTT Chassis Kits - Call for Price 

Rolling Chassis & Chassis Parts Available

XRTT & XR750 Chassis 

Road Race & Dirt Track

Everything except the motor

We Have For Sale

  • Complete Rolling Chassis

  • Chassis w/out Rims & Tires 

  • Chassis anyway you want them!

Call us for details and pricing


We have parts to complete your project

Complete Chassis have Everything Except the Motor


We have the Complete Chassis as a Kit for the Do It Yourselfer!  

It has everything but the motor