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Roger Reiman Tribute Bike


Mert Lawwill Tribute Bike



1972 XR750 Dirt Tracker


Brelsford Daytona 1973



Bill Werner Retirement Bike


Rare 800 Serial Number Bike



John Steel's Personal XRTT

Hi-Speed XRTT 
w/ Display Motor

Pictures Soon


1972 Harley-Davidson XRTT
with Display Motor

Rare 1972 XRTT

This XRTT was Built for a Display in Our Race Shop

Built 100% for Display / Show

Built with NOS, New and Used Original Parts

Motor Has No Internals Display Only

Can Be Completed If Wanted


New NOS Tires / RimsNew Cylinders, Exhaust, Grips

Throttle Cables, Hubs, Cables & More


Bike is Currently 90% Completedand Will be Done in a Month or Two


Price is Based on As Display



Race / Fast Drop Stand and a Lift Triangle Stand

Complete Packet on XRTT and XR Motor

Including Manuals, Sales Brochures, Hi-Speed DVD

Also Includes Autographed Memorabilia

Team Shirts, Jacket, Promotional Items, etc.

We Have Had Several Hundred XR750’s and XRTT’s Through Our Shop

Call for More Information – John Steel 440.247.6021


$10,000 Deposit

We can provide a pallet, wrap the bike and/or crate for shipping

(Additional cost)

Reiman Bike

'72 XRTT Roger Reiman "Tribute Bike"
with Original Reiman Chassis 

This bike has been in a collection owned by Scott Guthrie, legendary Bonneville racer, and holder of the most records on a motorcycle at Bonneville including the World Speed Record.

Scott wanted this bike to visually represent the Harley-Davidson XRTT in all it’s glory and as raced in 1972 and no expenses have been spared. 

This XRTT Chassis & Motor has been set up as a tribute bike to Roger Reiman. 

When Scott first started to race motorcycles, he formed a friendship with Roger.  Scott at that time was unknown and Roger was a very well-known and well-respected personality in the Harley-Davidson world.  Roger took time to answer some of Scott’s questions about Bonneville as Roger had also raced there. 

As their friendship grew Scott became successful at Bonneville in part because of Roger’s help.

When Roger was national Champion, he carried the number “5.”  Before he won his championship, he carried #55.  As a tribute to Roger, Scott and his wife Ellen both raced at Bonneville with the #5 on their bikes.


Roger Raced this chassis in the 80’s in the “Battle of The Twins” at Daytona with an  XR-1000 motor with Robison’s #155.  The  XR-1000 motor was not sold with the chassis, so the motor was replaced with an accurate 1972 Harley-Davidson Race Motor restored by legendary tuner Carl Patrick.


When this bike became available Scott knew he had to have it for his collection as Roger meant so much to him and to the world of Harley-Davidson Racing.


This bike restored by Hi-Speed is now being offered for sale.


Please contact John for more details and pricing. 440-247-6021

1972 XRTT Mert Lawwill "Tribute Bike"


This is a rare, unique, custom build with nothing spared

Built for Bonneville Record Holder Scott Guthrie’s private collection


We will be putting a Number 1 decal on it and this can be changed easily to any number the purchaser would like or with no number


The motor is new, late style, XR750. 

The motor is Serial #0001, the first motor produced for this particular production year.

Custom built for Road Racing by Legendary builder & tuner Carl Patrick


The frame was built by an Indy Car builder through a national number one holder and legendary tuner.


The chassis represents a 1972 XRTT

Many original NOS Parts

Ceriani Forks

Four Leading Shoe Fontana

(appears to be Magnesium)

Avon Road Race Tires

Harley-Davidson Factory XRTT Colors

Custom Built Heads

New Style Ignition


The best of everything on motor and chassis


Includes triangle race stand, complete packet of XRTT history, articles and NOS literature

People and history involved with the build to be provided to purchaser


Serious Inquiries please Call for pricing


Bill Werner's Retirement Bike


This is a rare opportunity to own a unique piece of Harley-Davidson Racing History.

Bill Werner's Retirement Bike

This factory assembled XR750 Dirt Tracker was given to Bill Werner upon his retirement from the Harley-Davidson Factory.

This bike was raced by Scott Parker, Rich King and others over the years.  It was given to Bill and he had it in is personal collection for years.  He eventually sold the bike to a private collector and it was placed on display at the AMA Museum.  It then went back to the collector and remained in his collection.

It is now offered for sale for this collector through John Steel

of Hi-Speed.

The bike is the same as when it was given to Bill.

The motor is empty, the cases are of a production year of approximately 200 XR750's built.

The motor can be completed if wanted.

The sale will include photos of Bill Werner, Scott Parker, Rich King and Willie G, all with the bike.

It will also include some Bill Werner autographed memorabilia from the factory race department as well as various items from Bill. 

The number plates have been autographed. 

It will also include the stand from the factory.



Brelsford Daytona Bike

The Crash Seen

Around the World

1973 Daytona

Mark Brelsford's XRTT

For Sale

  • This 1972 Factory XRTT was driven by Harley Champion rider Mark Brelsford and is the bike that was famously crashed by Brelsford at the 1973 Daytona 200.  The crash that was seen around the world involving Mark Brelsford and Larry Darr. 


  • Stored by Brelsford’s tuner, Babe DeMay, for 40 years, sold in 2013 to its present owner and restored by XRTT/XR750 expert, John Steel of Hi Speed Motors with original parts including the original frame and restored to original specs.

  • Mated with a race time card supported factory original XRTT motor raced by Scott Brelsford, another champion Harley team rider and brother of Mark.   The motor was stored by DeMay with the bike.

  • Supporting signed documents and statement from DeMay, attesting to the bikes originality along with photographs documenting the bikes restoration, including several back-and-forth letters regarding the crash, storage, and frame with the factory race department.  This was going to be Babe’s final restoration build before his retirement.


  • This bike has been featured on several magazine covers contemporaneous with its crash at Daytona in February 1973.



800 Serial Number Bike

1972 Harley-Davidson XRTT

Factory Road Racer 800 Serial Number 


Pictures are during restoration cleaning process


Unique Harley-Davidson XR750

motor serial number Mis-Stamping

per the factory race department. 

This factory documented motor was purchased from a racer in Canada.  This racer purchased this motor along with another from Scott Brelsford, Mark Brelsford’s brother. 

Over time, the factory would update their motors with new ones and pass these motors on to a privateer that would eventually race them.  Sometimes these motors were blown up,

used for parts or passed on to someone else.  Luckily Scott Brelsford held on to these and sold them to this racer in Canada.

The test card of July 6, 1972 indicates the motor was formerly built for Bart Markel for Louden and then it was sent to Italy for Renzo Passolini for July and August racing in 1972. 

The assembler for Passolini was

the legendary Bill Werner. 

The motor test card of August 4, 1972

indicates that rider #87, Mark Brelsford used

this for a non-national race at Charlotte.

  The assembler was R. Foshey.

Hi-Speed restored this motor and put it into an appropriate XRTT chassis with many NOS

and original parts just as the

factory assembled them in 1972. 

The bike has the rare, under seat oil cooler and the rare, Airheart brake caliper and master cylinder.  It has the large four-leading shoe Fontana front brake, road race forks,

Menani clip-ons and the very rare,

Ceriani double lug 35mm forks.

This motorcycle is extremely rare with its unique serial number and factory documentation.

Copies of the motor test cards will be included with the sale along with triangle race stand, full packet of literature on the XRTT’s.




John Steel's 1972 XRTT

Chassis with Display Motor


The motor (late cases) is set up as a display motor (no internals) and can be 

completed if wanted at some point down the road as this bike was

built by John Steel as display at Hi-Speed 

The motor parts are from a Grand National Champion #1 Plate Holder

Dual Disc Brake Set Up as rider used in in the 1970’s

Late Motor Cases

Everything else on it is as in 1972

Lots of Original and NOS Parts

Calipers, Master Cylinders, Cables, Carbs, Shocks, etc.

(as raced in the early 1970’s) 

Tires are rare / obsolete 1970’s race slicks

Stainless Spokes & Nipples for Longevity

The name on the tail and the #1 can be changed to your preference

It is an amazing bike to have on display in your dealership, shop,

museum, private collection, home or office.

This bike has been priced accordingly with a display motor.

The bike is being completed at this time and a $7,000 deposit will hold

this for you until completion which should be in the next month or so.

Price is $43,950

Comes complete with Triangle Stand


Large Packet of Literature on XR & XRTT’s, Sales Brochure,

Parts Catalog & Manuals

Autographed GNC Items



1972 Harley-Davidson XR750 Dirt Tracker


This is an Excellent Representation of one of approximately 220 XR750’s

produced in 1972


It Includes motor that was restored by

Legendary Motor Builder

& Tuner, Carl Patrick


This frame was never modified as per the race department instructions


The Tires are NOS


Stainless Spokes & Nipples for Longevity Against Corrosion


Factory Fiberglass Jet Fire Orange Gelcoat, Not Painted

Never Had any Fuel in Tank

No Oil in Bike


Partially Restored

by John Steel, Hi-Speed

Parts Used in Restoration are

NOS, New Updated, Mint Used

and Clean Used


Autographed Number Plate by Builders, Tuners, Racers & More


Never Started

Stored in a Private Collection

with Other Dirt Track Racers


Includes Large Packet of Literature

All Articles on XR750 & Other Information

Sales Brochure, Parts Book, Service Manual & Starting Instructions


Comes with Stand


Sold As-Is



Race History: 

Motor was given to

Dave & Donnie Estep

in 1972 & Raced in GNC & Local Races

Primary Side was Cracked and Replaced by HD Race Department and

Raced Until it was 

Restored by Carl Patrick



1972 Documented Cal Rayborn XRTT

Cal Rayborn XRTT as Raced at Imola 200 Italy in 1973 

Documented Motor  History

More Pics to Come



This wonderful Cal Bike was first set up as a marvelous representation of Calvin Rayborn's XRTT that he used in the 1973 Imola 200 Races in Italy.  The motor is documented with a factory motor test card showing this motor was used for Cal in this race.  Includes other documentation of history of the motor as far back as traceable.

This bike is now on commission from Scott Guthrie and has been set up as 1972 Cal Rayborn XRTT with Fontana Brake with Cal's #14.  Since this arrangement with Scott, the tail section has been autographed by Calvin Rayborn III (Cal Jr's Son), Bill Werner and Babe DeMay.

This bike was originally in built for John Steel's personal collection, taking over 3 years for the build to be completed.

The chassis includes many rare and obsolete NOS parts and the other parts are new.   Including other parts on the chassis as used by Cal Rayborn.

The XRTT has a short circuit fairing with the 4-Leading Shoe Fontana and now has the option of the dual disc set up.

It comes with rare era correct Avon Grand Prix NOS tires, made in England.


The sale will include a factory style stand, a complete packet of information ever written on the XRTT and XR motor and information and photos of Cal Rayborn.  It will also include sales brochures  hop-up and starting information, owners manuals and parts book.

Please contact us for more information by email or phone 1-440-247-6021.


         Serious inquiries only.  Thank you.

Imola 1973 by galpalu

3571 1_edited.jpg


Larry Darr's 

1972  XRTT 750

The bike that Mark Brelsford 

crashed into 

An Amazing Find For Any Collector

Until now, the frame from the Larry Darr XRTT that was also involved in the crash is one of the first two original XRTT frames that we at Hi-Speed have ever seen and are aware of to exist.  Knowing that this bike made headlines around the world at the 1973 Daytona 200 is amazing.

The 1972 XRTT involved in the fire crash has been restored with the very rare, original factory frame, original specialty four-leading shoe Fontana, rare racing Goodyear inner tube and all other parts.

This bike was dealer maintained and owned.  

This extremely rare bike includes original AMA News magazine and Cycle Guide magazines with the 1973 Daytona 200 Crash of Mark Brelsford  on the cover where he hits this bike of Larry Darr's.   Also includes Autorgraphs and history of the bike and rider (Larry Darr).  Larry has told his story of his racing career and the point of his near fatal crash.  

This sale will also include brochures, enthusiasts, other literature, Brelsfords history and tuner Babe DeMay autographs.  

This is a one of a kind!    $119,950


Hourglass Racing XRTT For Sale

Ridden by

Jay Springsteen

As many of you know Hourglass Racing started road racing XRTT's in the early nineties. During that time Hourglass Racing has won many races in the Vintage classes of AHRMA and WERRA.  They usually had three bikes at the races, with one held in reserve as a spare bike for their most famous rider, Jay Springsteen, or as a parts source. This is that spare bike. It was never raced, however, it is fully functional and can be ridden. The bike has a fresh, never raced, Carl Patrick built engine. If it is to be raced, it will need the suspension tuned for the weight of the new owner. Other than that it is race ready.  Please call for more details & price.  440-247-6021


 Larry Darr's 1970 "Iron" XRTT 
   Daytona 750cc Racer   
        Restored to As Raced



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